The name of the organization shall be the “BARNYARD BUZZARDS MODEL  AIRPLANE CLUB” (BBMAC). 


 The purpose of this organization is to promote the building and operation of radio controlled models, and to promote public acceptance and good will towards the  sport/hobby in a professional manner.  


 Section 1 

Prospective members shall be recommended by at least 1 active member.  Membership will be granted by unanimous approval of the Executive Board.  Approval of membership will be determined by:  

     1. Prospective member being in good standing with an approved national  organization, determined by the clubs current chartering organization.  

     2. Initiative of the prospective member  

     3. Attitude of the prospective member  

Section 2 

Upon acceptance, new members shall be provided with a membership manual  consisting of:  

1. Field and Safety Rules  

2. By-Laws  

3. Club Roster/Organization Chart 

4. Membership Card  

5. Any other pertinent information  

Section 3 

The membership year shall be from January 1 to December 31 with annual  membership fees (dues), due at the regular January meeting. All dues must be paid  by the regular March meeting, or the unpaid member(s) shall be deemed inactive  and placed at the bottom of the waiting list. The membership limit shall be set at a  level approved by both the field landowner and the membership. The limit shall be  based upon field usage and may be revised at a regular monthly meeting by a  majority vote of the members present at the meeting. The limit shall be as recorded  in the meeting minutes for the meeting at which the level was revised.  

Section 4 

Upon joining or renewing one’s membership, the individual must present his/her  current membership card in an approved national modeling organization,  determined by the clubs current chartering organization.  

Section 5 

a. Former club members who have dropped out of the club for over One (1) year,  will be treated as a new club member and must pay the same fees as any new  member.  

b. Former club members, who have dropped out of the club for less than One (1)  year, can either:  

1. Before June 30th of the current year, pay the yearly dues plus the reinstatement fee  

2. Rejoin after January 1 of the next calendar year to avoid re-instatement fee.  The board shall have the power to set this aside for special circumstances. (i.e., job  loss, medical problems, extreme economic hardship, etc.)  

Section 6  

1. Any member in good standing may resign his/her membership by giving  written notice to the club.  

2. If any member ceases to have the qualifications necessary for membership in  the AMA, his/her membership in the Club shall thereby terminate, subject to  reinstatement upon restoration of eligibility.  

3. Any other unacceptable behavior by an individual member or members, as  defined by the Club Officers, becomes the responsibility of the Club  Officers. Any individual may be expelled from membership in the Club by a  two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Club Officers if, in the determination of  the Club Officers, such individual(s) willfully commits any act or omission  which is a violation of any of the Bylaws, Club Safety Rules, Rules of the  AMA or which is detrimental to the Club, the AMA or to model aviation.  

4. Any member who is expelled from membership may be reinstated to  membership only by a two- thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Club Officers.  5. The Club Officers shall have the discretionary authority to provide for and to  impose disciplinary action for such acts or omissions, which do not justify  expulsion from membership.  

Section 7 Membership Categories  

1. Full Member: Full Members have full voting and flying rights. Full flying  rights for new members are established after passing Safety/Checkout flight  requirements as established by the Executive Committee.  

2. Family Member: Family Members of a full member may join, but only the  original full member will have voting rights, and the family member may not  hold an Executive Committee position. A Family member has unrestricted  flying rights after passing Safety/Checkout flight requirements as established  by the Executive Committee.  

3. Student Member: Student Member must be attending school full time and  must have a sponsoring Full Member listed on their application. Student  Members have no voting rights, may not hold an Executive Committee  position, and must have a Full Member present during all flying activities at  this club’s field(s).  

4. Junior Member: Junior Member must be under 18 and must have a  sponsoring Full Member listed on their application. A Junior Member will  have no voting rights, may not hold an Executive Committee position, and  must have their sponsoring Full Member present during all flying activities  at this club’s field(s).  


Section 1.  

The annual dues for full membership shall be recommended by the Executive  Committee based on a calculation from the annual operating budget to be approved  by a majority of the members present during the October business meeting. The  fees paid for a new Full Membership will be non-refundable and does include the  first year’s annual dues as established by the membership.  

A $25.00 Reactivation fee shall be charged if dues are not paid for by the end of  business at the March meeting. This $25.00 fee will be added to the yearly dues  and paid in full at the time of the delinquent due’s payment.  

Additional family members may join for an amount equivalent to ½ the regular  Full Member’s annual dues per person, per year. Family membership is 3 or more  family members. Family membership dues will be equal to ½ the regular full  membership dues. Full membership dues will be set by the Executive Committee  Annual dues will not be pro-rated.  

Student Membership annual dues will be set by the Executive Committee.  

Junior member dues shall be recommended by the Executive Committee.  



1. President  

2. Vice President  

3. Secretary  

4. Treasurer  

5. Safety Officer/Field Marshall  


1. Newsletter Editor  

2. Special Committees  

The offices of President and Vice President shall be held for no longer than three  consecutive years by any one person.  

No person may hold more than one elected office.  

Eligible members may only apply/run for or accept one nomination for the  Executive Board.  

The term of the elected officers will be from January 1 to December 31.  Nominations for officers will open at the October meeting.  

Nominations for the Executive Officers and Special Service award will end at the  adjournment of the November Meeting.  

Each member will be sent an email with the nominated members and a link to on-line voting access.  

There are 3 ways to vote, via email, on-line and in person:  

Email: You may send all current Board members your votes, which must be sent  by the deadline of midnight, the Sunday before the December Meeting.  

On-Line: This is done using an on-line link and must be submitted by the deadline  of midnight the Sunday before the December Meeting.  In-Person: Voting in person is done at the December meeting.  

All votes will be tallied at the December meeting and results will be communicated  as soon as possible.  Prospective officers must have been an active member in good standing for 12  consecutive months prior to nomination. Nominations will open in October and  elections will be held in December.  

Any elected officer may be voted out of office by a 2/3 majority vote of the total  club membership via a recall ballot either by mail or other appropriate means. Just  cause for such action must be clearly stated and defined on the recall ballot.  


Section 1. PRESIDENT  

The President shall be the executive officer of the club and shall preside at all  meetings. He/she shall be the spokesperson for the club and shall appoint standing  and special committees and chairperson(s) as required.  The President is an ex-officio member of all committees and, in the event a tie  vote, shall cast the deciding vote.  Section 


The Vice President shall assist the President in all matters and shall assume the  duties of the President if, for any reason, he/she is unable to perform his/her duties.  The Vice President shall also be responsible for coordinating all social events of  the club.  

Section 3. SECRETARY  

The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of the club’s proceedings. He/she shall  record meeting attendance, keep an up-to-date record of all members, and be  responsible for fulfilling and maintaining all annual reporting requirements of the  incorporation.  

Section 4. TREASURER  

The Treasurer shall have charge of all club funds and shall keep an exact record of  all moneys received and dispersed. He/she will make available to the membership,  an annual report at the first meeting of each year. The Treasurer shall maintain the  records in such a manner so that they may be open for inspection at any reasonable  time. The Treasurer shall report on the financial condition of the club at all  meetings.  


The Field Marshall/Safety Officer shall have the responsibility of overseeing the  safe flying atmosphere at the flying field. The Safety Officer has the responsibility  and the right to request any individual using any of the club’s facilities to cease  such use due to violations of either the AMA Safety Code or those safety  regulations so adopted by the club.  


The Newsletter Editor shall have the responsibility of maintaining a high degree of  communication among club members. This shall be done through a club  newsletter. He/she shall make available a newsletter to every club member as well  as an exchange of information with other clubs.  


The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the elected officers as listed in  Article V. In the event of multiple office positions held by one (1) person,  additional Board Members will be elected as required to result in five (5) Board  positions. No person on the Executive Committee shall have more than one (1)  vote. The Executive Committee shall be empowered to make decisions when  action must be taken before a regular membership meeting can be called. Approval  of 3 members is required for expenditures up to $200.00. Approval of all 5  members is required for expenditures from $200.01 to $300.00. Any expenditures,  other than field rent and AMA charter fees, over $300.01 will require the approval  of a majority of the members present at a regular membership meeting. In the event  of a situation which affects either the safety or operational integrity of the flying  site, any one member of the Board, within reason and using his/her better  judgment, is empowered to make whatever decision(s) may be necessary in order  to rectify the condition. This will ONLY apply however, when the minimum (3)  members as stated above cannot be contacted for whatever reason(s).  The Executive Committee may meet as often as deemed necessary and is  empowered to make those decisions necessary to efficiently manage the club.  A member of the Executive Committee shall audit the Club’s Financial Reports as  prepared by the Treasurer at least once a year and compare them to the Bank’s  Monthly Statements  


The club shall have a logo of such design as the club shall adopt.  


Section 1.  All AMA and club safety rules shall be strictly adhered to by every club member  and any guests at the flying field.  

Section 2.  The club shall from time to time, review the existing and/or adopt any new rules or  guidelines which will lead to the continued safe operation of our equipment. These  field safety rules shall be posted at the club’s flying site and shall be given to each  new member upon joining the club. The club safety rules in effect shall be those  posted at the flying field.  

Section 3.  The grievance procedure provides a mechanism to enforce existing safety rules by  providing a progressive disciplinary system when needed. Although most  complaints can be resolved informally, if a complaint is serious or cannot be  resolved informally, the matter should be referred to the Club Officers for its  consideration by means of a Grievance Form to be filled out and turned into the  Safety Officer. At least one witness is required to sign the Grievance Form.  The Club Officers shall use their judgment in carrying out action on the following:  

A. A grievance form will be filled out and turned into the Safety Officer. At least  one witness is required. 

 B. FIRST VIOLATION  Viewpoints of both complainants and accused will be considered.  Complainant’s name will be disclosed.  A verbal reprimand will be given to the accused by the Club Officers, and this  will be recorded in the Committee files.  

C. SECOND VIOLATION  Complainant’s name will be disclosed.  The accused has the right to a written rebuttal, to be reviewed by the Club  Officers.  If the Club Officers so decide, the flying privileges of the accused will be  suspended for thirty (30) days. Written notice of this shall be issued and a copy  published in the Club newsletter.  

D. THIRD VIOLATION  Club Officers will notify the accused in writing and the Club members via the  Club newsletter that the Club will vote on the expulsion of the accused at the  next meeting.  Said expulsion will last for a one-year minimum (Longer if deemed necessary  by the Club Officers).  A member may be expelled from the Club only upon a two-thirds (2/3) majority  vote of the membership present at the meeting. Voting will be by secret ballot at  a regular monthly meeting.  The expelled member may reapply for membership after the expiration of the  expulsion time period.  

E. Any member receiving a Grievance, who directs any retaliation action against  the person filing said Grievance, will be subject to immediate expulsion from  the Club. This is to include threats, intimidation, physical harm, intentional  equipment damage, or any other action deemed to be retaliatory by the Club  Officers.  


The by-laws of the Barnyard Buzzards Model Airplane Club may be amended by a  two-thirds vote of the membership present at a regular meeting provided that  written notice of such proposed changes has been sent to each member at least one  month prior to the scheduled vote.  


The Club may be dissolved with the approval of a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of  the total membership.  Upon dissolution of the Club, the Club Officers shall, after paying or making  provisions for the payment of all of the liabilities of the Club, dispose of all the  assets of the Club exclusively for the purposes of the Club in such manner, to the  Academy of Model Aeronautics, Inc., or to such other organization or  organizations organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational,  religious or scientific purposes as shall at the time qualify as an exempt  organization or organizations under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue  Code of 1986, as amended, or to such other organization with purposes similar to  the purposes of this Club, as the Club Officers shall determine. Any of such assets  not so disposed of shall be disposed of by the Court of Common Pleas or similar  court) of the county in which the principal office of this Club is then located,  exclusively for such purposes and to such organization or organizations, as said  court shall determine, which are organized and operated exclusively for such  purposes.  


The club shall have regular meetings which shall occur, unless otherwise agreed  upon by the membership, at least once a month. The date, time and place shall be  determined by the Executive Committee and notice shall be given to each member.  

Only current, full dues paying members are eligible to vote or hold an office.  

A majority of the Executive Committee, (3 of the 5), present at any Board meeting  shall constitute a quorum.  

A vote of one-half plus one of the members present at a meeting is required to pass  any motion. Motions involving any expenditure of the club’s moneys other than  field rent and AMA charter dues, shall require a similar quantity of votes in favor  of passage. Attendance at the meetings to ensure full awareness and participation  in club matters and operation is the responsibility of the individual members,  provided the members have been informed of the meeting schedule set forth by the  Executive Committee as noted above. This does not apply to those instances where  a specific advance notice is required. (i.e.: recall ballots, by-laws amendments,  etc.)  


 A newsletter shall be published and made available to each member as often as is  deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.  ARTICLE XIII ORDER OF BUSINESS  The business at a regular meeting shall include the following:  

1. Call the meeting to order  

2. Review of the minutes from the previous meeting  

3. Treasurer’s report  

4. Introduction of visitors and new members  

5. Announcements and/or communications 

6. Committee reports  

7. Old business  

8. New business  

9. Program